Work Flow

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Send in your renderings, drawings, or even a sketch to receive a free quotation within 24 hours.  Spec out the materials & finishes of your desire and Spark will provide itemized cost and timing.

Spark’s project team will break down your CAD data and figure out what is the best way to construct the prototype.  We will communicate with you throughout the process and let you know how the product is going to be made.

Prototype fabrication starts with machining with CNC, 3D printer and other equipment.  Our finishing team then polishes the surface and primes them for painting or plating.

Painting and finishing is crucial to aesthetic prototypes.  Our painting department matches color / finishes per customer’s specification.  Our metal polishing team specializes in mirror finishes on aluminum and stainless steel.  We also electroplate various materials for chrome finishes.

Throughout the model making process, we send pictures of models-in-progress to clients to review and get feedback.  If modification is needed we can process them on the fly.  We will also send photos of the finished goods to clients before we send the prototype out.

After client approval, we send the finish goods to the client via delivery services.  Spark will also gather feedback from the clients after the project has been complete for evaluation.