SPARK Prototypes is a 360o prototype & manufacturing service for all stages of product development including high fidelity aesthetic models, engineering test models, concept validation via rapid prototyping. Our mission is to constantly challenge ourselves to offer customers the best of all worlds in prototype making – Superior quality in high fidelity, industry-leading cost, optimal turnaround time, and highly engaged project consultants with industrial design and mechanical engineering expertise.

Talk to us about your projects. We will take the time to outline a service that will suit your specific needs and explain how our approach will make you a happy return customer.

we know one stressful aspect of model making is it takes a long time. That is why we are committed to deliver great models in a much shorter time than most prototype houses. Uncompromising on the quality, we leverage high efficiency equipment and a large artisan team to deliver models 30% faster on average.

Cost of modeling can be expensive and unpredictable, here at Spark Prototypes, we work hard to lower the price of models so designs can translate into prototypes without breaking the bank. Our prototype cost is 40% lower than average US model makers, guaranteeing to put a smile on your face and wallet.

Although the client is remotely monitoring the model making process, we ensure details are not lost in the communications. Our project managers will take the clients through the project from begin to finish. Presenting the clients progress photos and videos every step of the way.


Bellow you will find few of our clients.