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3D Printing

Rapid prototyping is used for form exploration and projects that require fast turnaround.  At Spark, we use different 3D printing technology to achieve different fidelity of prototyping that meet various needs.  SLA is often used for mid to high fidelity prototyping and objects with complex structures.  Here are some examples of our rapid prototype capabilities.

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Miniature Mixer

Spark made a 1/3 scale miniature version of the KitchenAid Artisan mixer to showcase our craftsmanship.  The mixer is constructed out of ABS and the detachable mixing bowl is machined out of aluminum.  Mixer’s top housing can tilt and lock.  We also made a flight case for the mixer for easy transportation.

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        Metal Kettle

        The metal kettle is constructed out aluminum and stainless steel.  The body is CNC machined out of aluminum and the handle is stainless steel polished.  Removable polished stainless steel lid and weight put in to simulate the actual product.

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              Coffee Maker

              The KitchenAid coffee maker high fidelity model is composed of UV painted plastic front and a metal housing that is milled out of solid aluminum.  Full lit-up LCD screen and water tank lid that can be opened via a hinge.

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                    Food Processor

                    Food Processor High Fidelity Prototype with clear bowl & lid.  Metal blade & functional slider lever.  UV coated high gloss paint in red and pearl metallic white.

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                          Carbon Fiber

                          Custom carbon fiber is used on functional prototypes and small volume production parts.  We have completed projects from bike frames to auto body parts.

                                Detail Images

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                                Electric Kettle

                                Production realistic model of the KitchenAid electric kettle.  Constructed out of ABS with UV coated paint.  Soft touch handle and brushed aluminum lid.  See through water window with silk screened graphics.  Light-up LED on the base with white LEDs.  Removable base and power cord.  Production time 16 days.

                                      Various Colors via High Gloss UV Painting

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                                      Desktop Computer

                                      High fidelity desktop PC prototypes.  Constructed out of machined ABS, acrylic with aluminum accents.  Prototypes include speakers, keyboard, monitor and PC housing.

                                            Computer Model Closeup
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                                            Stainless Bin

                                            Client needed a realistic representation of a formed stainless bin for a juicer in a short period of time.  We built several custom tools that helped our model makers forming the stainless so all the details on the bin would be crisp.  The stainless was then welded and brushed while the inside is polished.  The handle was made out of milled aluminum and soft touch plastic.  The bin was also used as a functional prototype for liquid capacity measurement and pouring testing.

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